Our Process


We leave our jobsites organized and spotless. ALWAYS



We believe that great output is only possible through putting in the work to maintain communication, transparency, and alignment from start to finish. That’s why our organized process is set up to guarantee you reliable support throughout the entire project.



Everything begins with a meeting (or more, if necessary! We understand that certain things take time) to discuss what you’re looking for. We always aim to meet you where you’re at—your needs, wants, and any restrictions or constraints we need to keep in mind. Taking all of this into consideration, we then come up with a couple of custom options for bringing what you have in mind to life. No cookie-cutter proposals here—we always try to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your specific requirements.


Project Prep

Once we’ve aligned on the best option for the project, we progress into creating the actual plans for your space. To nail results that you absolutely love, we make it a point to involve you in every step of the design process. We promise, there won't be any unpleasant surprises waiting for you at the end, whether in terms of output or your final bill. We confirm your sign-off on everything before we even purchase a single plank or begin any form of construction.



Reliable contact and communication are cornerstones of our process because when it comes to your home, we understand how stressful uncertainty can be. Even once our team goes on to construction, we remain consistently proactive in keeping you in the loop. You can expect clear, detailed daily plans and progress updates from our end to make sure everything is running smoothly and according to your expectations. And, in the rare case of any unexpected issues, trust that you’ll always be the first to know.


Project Completion

In addition to a final walkthrough to confirm you’re happy with the finished project, we see things through to the very end with our painstaking pack-up. We want you to be able to enjoy your upgraded, improved space at its best, so we make it a priority to leave the jobsite good as—or rather, even better than—new.